Mayank Bhushan

This website is still a work in progress

Hi! I am a recent graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India. I am particularly interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Computer Networks and Algorithms.

Currently, I am working as an Analyst, Trading Systems in AlphaGrep Securities at Mumbai, India. I started this job in July, 2020.

In summer 2019, I had interned at the BlackBuck, Bangalore, India. I worked on the problem of providing navigation for trucks, a feature still missing in the Google Maps. I was also offered a Pre-Placement Job Offer from the company.

Prior to this in the summer 2018, I had interned as a software developer at Zerostack. I had developed a CLI to ease the problem of network troubleshooting in virtual machines in an OpenStack cluster.

During my sophomore years, I had joined KRSSG where I implemented a multi-threaded three-tier architecture for soccer playing omni-wheel robots. I led the team for their maiden participation in Robocup, Nagoya, Japan in July, 2017.

During my spare time, I enjoy solving chess puzzles and watching TV/web series. I also like to discover new songs on Spotify, thanks to its good recommendation system. Here is a playlist which contains a messy curration of all the songs I mostly listen to. Happy listening!